New Designers was without doubt the best week of my life, I spoke to so many interesting people from all over the country who had nothing but nice things to say about my work, and was approached by several amazing companies about some equally as amazing opportunities! And I loved being in London and spending time with the uni girls, it was so much fun! And then yesterday I found out that i'll be graduating later this month with a FIRST CLASS HONOURS DEGREE, ahhhhhh! I cant believe it, but what a perfect way to finish my final year. I'm going to miss it so much, the people, the studio, the laughs... I hate being stuck at home already. 

But life goes on and I now have so many amazing contacts and opportunities to chase, starting with a placement at my dream company... Tigerprint! I'll keep you all posted about what i'm getting up to and hope to post more images daily just showing you everything thats happened in the last few months. I am also using Twitter more and I'm always on Pinterest so i'll try to figure out how to put them fancy buttons on my blog somewhere that links you to them. 

If you're reading this because you picked up a business card then thank you and if you've been reading since the start then thank you as well. I can't explain how much the last few weeks has meant to me, I am a very happy lady right now. 

(So sorry about the bad camera angles, really 
need to improve my photography skills!)

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  1. Hello Very Happy Lady! just to make sure you know that those of us checking into your blog are still here! The most enjoyable part of reading this latest blog is your enthusiasm and happiness oozing from the screen - well done for everything and thanks for sharing your news. Congratulations again (I'll never get tired of saying it!) on your results. Recharge your batteries at home, I know it's not that bad being there, just because you haven't got any projects to work on at the moment but those placements will come flooding in. We're all behind you. Happy, happy, happy times ahead! xxx