I haven't written a post for absolutely ages so i've decided to do one full of images to keep you all up to date :) I have sent out so much mail now I am starting to lose track of it all. My list is constantly growing, I think I have 8 lots waiting to be made at the moment but i've had to put them on hold for a little while because I have exactly 4 weeks and 2 days until my final deadline. But as soon as I get chance or as soon as I get completely fed up of making paper jugs i'll get some made and put it in the post! I also have something exciting to share which i'll put at the bottom of the post. 

So for the mail...

My scanner is completely awful and changes the colour of everything and zaps all the life of out them all so I will try to take more photos of them instead of scans. But these were 7 more that have been sent out and received! 

Now for the exciting part...
I decided to send some mail to a lady who works at Tigerprint after I attended the ND prep day and met some of the team. It took me a while to decide whether to do it or not but now I am so glad I did! I received a lovely email letting me know it had arrived and then on Saturday discovered they had Instagram'ed a picture of my mail for everyone to see! They also shared it on their Facebook and Twitter pages, which is completely amazing and exciting and just the best thing ever. So i'm very glad I sent it, even more glad that they all liked it and now completely desperate to exhibit at New Designers. But I have a while to wait for that so i'll just get my head out of the clouds for now and start getting some more work done. If anyone wants a look you can see it here...


Right thats all for today, I'll be back really soon with some new photos and updates. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Well done Kidda!I do really like these designs - original, quirky and distinctive. Keep the great work up and fingers crossed for the deadline. Loving the blog and seeing your work xx