I have some photo updates to share with you! I have loads more things that I want to show you all but I only ever seem to take photos in dark rooms, so i'll get some better quality ones and get them up here. I'm thinking of maybe using my instagram properly because I take so many photos as I am working and just generally that it would be a much better way of doing it, but i'll see.

I had a lovely couple of days off for Easter, managed to squeeze in a car boot AND a trip to the Malvern flea and collectors fair, both of which resulted in me adding another 4 jugs to my collection and loads of paper things, wooden boxes and ceramic objects. It was bliss to be at home for a few days with the boyfriend and family but that didn't stop my daily breakdowns about uni and work and life! Although I had a good cry yesterday and everything has seemed a little better since then. 

But anyway the photos. 

Not massively exciting but gives you a little insight into my past couple of weeks. I ordered my business cards on Sunday and they were dispatched today so i'll put a post up when they arrive and I also want to get some decent photos of my ever-growing jug collection for my back-up work so i'll share them with you all too. And obviously I have loads more mail to put up.

Remember if you would like some mail then add your address to my postable account here... https://www.postable.com/abigailudale. Thanks!


  1. Hiya Sweetheart, loving the blog, seeing the photos. When you say 'squeeze in a car boot' does that mean you yourself getting inside a car boot for the hell of it or a short version of car boot sale?!! Keep up the good work, love ya Pops xxx

    1. Hello! I didnt read it that way, but thats exactly how it sounds. I didnt climb in a car boot although I imagine that would have been fun but I went to a car boot and it was a quick visit because it was stupidly cold! Thank you :) x