I am finally doing that post that I promised for Thursday, or maybe Wednesday, but its here now and its better late than never. I am assuming a lot of the mail that has gone out now has been received so i'll put a few new ones in this post. Theres been loads going on lately so I'm thinking of doing a post tomorrow with a sort of photo round up of recent goings on so i'll sort that tomorrow and get it up.

But for now some new mail...

The first is for another lovely textile lady called Amy who is a very talented paper cutter, hence my attempt at it! 

The next is for Talisa who is again a textiler and is very good at printing!

And finally some aeroplane themed mail for my dear friend Benjamin!

I have loads more to put up over the next week or so, so keep on checking back for more! 


  1. I absolutely love the aeroplane mail think its awesome x

  2. Did you get my rather less creative response letter?

    1. I did yeah, sorry I haven't had chance to reply yet. I did get one overall feeling from it.... GO BACK TO RUSSIA. I think you miss it and I think it would be amazing for you. Do it.

    2. I would but I don't want to teach. Plus, things are never as good as you remember them, especially as you only remember the good times.
      Instead... we could just have fun adventures here!