Today has been a day of tangents and I have ended up (yet again) not getting much work done. Everything I did seemed to go off in a different (maybe wrong?) direction and so I don't feel like i've achieved anything at all. I feel like I need to let myself make mistakes, to let go a little, but then I always come back to the same point, the same moment of realisation about money and life. But anyway... that is all too depressing and I don't want to think about it anymore, so here is some new mail and some photos from todays work...

The first lot of mail is for my lovely friend Jess!

And the next is for Danielle.

I think i've fallen back in love with collage again, and had a massive realisation that that's my thing, the thing that I do, that (hopefully) I am good at. I don't know whether I am or not but everything I do seems to come back to it and I definitely feel happiest when I am doing it. Choosing colours and papers, working on a composition, adding a little bit of hand-written text and using a lino to print on top of it- that is what I love. 

One of my tutors left a book for me to look at which was about the work of an illustrator who uses collage. I can't for the life of me remember his surname but his first name is Dan and his work is incredible and it inspired me to do something a little different, hence the tangent. On the left below is a photocopy collage that i've started to work back on top of and although its a little different to everything else I'm currently doing, I love it. I am going to hopefully finish it tomorrow, and maybe do some more!

I should probably stop typing now and make a to-do list for tomorrow, here's to hoping its a better day than today was.

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