Today... two people asked for mail, I made one that I am really happy with, and managed to piece together half a jug. Not a massively productive day but the piece of mail I made kind of makes up for it. I cant wait for it to reach its destination, I hope the lovely recipient in question likes it!

I thought i'd share with you some new mail that I know has arrived. The first is to Zelda who is a fellow textiler at uni. 

And the next one was also sent to a lovely textiler called Jessie! 

They're both very talented ladies who's work will be on display at our Degree Show in June (which everyone should come and see!) You can check out some of Jessie's work on her Facebook page.

And finally I have a couple of photos from my day. 

The first is just some of the paper goodies I was given today to play with and copy and the second is a peek at the half a jug I made. I am so so grateful when people bring me papers and envelopes for me to either use or take copies of so I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has done just that. 

Tomorrow is a day of making mail, so if you're on my list it'll be with you shortly! 

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  1. I want to frame my mail it's so pretty, but I won't for now in case you need it! I was rummaging through my papers earlier and I have some envelopes from china you might like, lot's of stickers and pretty markings with Chinese text on etc. and they're tiny and cute, let me know if you want them. Thanks for linking to my page, I've decided to re-do my blog but i'll upload the pics to mine as soon as! :) hope you are well, jess x