Its late and I am very tired but I wanted to share with you some new mail! The two below are probably my favourite ones so far and so I am glad they finally arrived and I could post them on here. 

The first one was sent to my boyfriend, Adam. He is my entire world so I wanted to send him something special! (Sorry if its a little soppy.)

And the other is to my lovely friend Meg who I spend my days with at uni. She is a very talented textile artist and she is a constant source of inspiration, and motivation! If anyone wants to check out her work they can do on her facebook page

They both loved their mail which makes is all worth while. Remember if anyone wants any to write a comment below or if you know me just ask!

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  1. Hiya, what have you called your font? I know it's from your own fair hand but I really like the style. Also, I like the touch on the envelope to Meg 'Please Deliver To' Great blog Abby, keep it going! Pops xx