So I thought it was about time I posted a photo or something a little more interesting so I thought i'd share the first mail that I sent out as part of my uni work. I have always loved the idea of hand written letters and wanted to start sending people notes/cards/messages/collages or anything I cant make out of paper. Ive sent out about 15 so far and as people start receiving them i'll start putting them on here!

So here is the first, which I sent to my sister:

The envelope is printed using using a hand carved lino block, as is my AU logo on the letter.

And if anyone wants any mail then let me know your address and i'll put something in the post!


  1. Hey Abby, looking forward to reading your blog and seeing your work, great idea. Would lurve a snail mail card, Pops xx

  2. I want mail! Me me me meeee.
    Love from Ruby Ruth xxx

  3. Hi Abi, I visited New Designers yesterday and I can't even begin to explain the excitement that came over me when I saw your work! I just want to jump up and down, it was so beautiful and right up my street! Your work was by far my favourite out of the entire show, and I was thinking about it on the train journey home. I'd love a piece of your mail, just as a reminder! Take care and good luck xxx P.S Also, congrats on getting to New Designers!!

    1. Hi Lauren!
      Ah thank you so much for your lovely comments! I had a quick look on your blog and yours looks great too. Im glad there is someone else who has a love for envelope patterns. If you put your address into my postable account I will do my best to send you some mail! The link is in one of my posts somewhere, if you cant find it let me know! Thanks again, Abby xx